Spray in truck bedliner

spray in truck bed liner before after

Ferrario Collision Repair is your headquarters for spray in truck bedliners.

Most pickups just $499!

All makes and models of vehicles. Full size and compact. Commercial and personal use vehicles. Ferrario can spray not only your truck, but also your trailer, RV, or off road vehicle.

Ferrario Collision Repair – Elmira, NY

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How do you select a provider for a spray in bedliner? First look at the process. Ferrario uses the same products and process as new the new vehicle manufacturer. In fact we buy materials directly from the same chemical manufacturer who sells it to Ford. We use a two part urethane material that is virtually indestructible. You want tough – we got it. Second look at the local installer. A good job is all about the preparation. The actual spray operation is the last step, not the first. If the surface is not prepared properly, the product will not last. Ferrario provides a lifetime warranty on our spray in liners – as long as you own the vehicle. 20 years, no problem. We provide the warranty directly, and Ferrario has been in business for over 45 years. The basic product is the same for most installers. Your warranty is only as good as the installer – and if the installer is still in business later. If you wear through the product, we will replace it. If it comes off, we will replace it. spray in truck bed liner with fifth wheel hitch ball

Ferrario spray in bed liner FAQ:

  • How much does it cost?  Ferrario spray in bed liners are $599 installed for pickups with up to 8ft bed. Larger commercial trucks are quoted individually..
  • Over rail or under rail?  Your choice, same price.
  • Any additional charges?  Generally just one price. If your truck bed has been heavily used with oil base or chemical products there may be some cost for solvent type pre-cleaning. The truck bed should be empty of tools, materials, tool boxes, fifth wheel hitches, etc, before bringing the vehicle to us.
  • How long does it take?  Drop off your truck today, and you can pick it up tomorrow.
  • Do I need to wait before loading the truck?  The product cures internally and is completely hard within an hour after installation, but we recommend you wait 24 hours before putting materials in the bed.
  • My truck bed is in poor condition. Is that ok to spray?  An old beat up truck bed can look great with a new liner! The bed must have a solid metal surface, no rust. The existing cosmetic condition of the truck bed makes no difference, but the existing paint must be solid. The liner is sprayed over the existing surface, so if your paint comes off, the liner will come off with it.
  • What brand of liner does Ferrario sell?  Bed liners are a chemical process. We buy our materials from the same manufacturer that Ford uses in its plant for new trucks. Many brand name bed liners buy from the same chemical manufacturer. We buy direct. Your warranty is directly with Ferrario. No third party company out of the area to convince if you have an issue. We’ve been here for over 45 years.